The Moonlit Eyrie


Moonlit island in a loch, by Torin

Artwork courtesy of Torin -- thank you!

I would have thought this was obvious, but apparently not, since the Eyrie is having trouble with bandwidth theft.  So.  Let it be known: the above artwork was made specifically for Rhiannon Shaw by Torin, and is NOT available for anyone else's use without explicit, written permission from Rhiannon.  Don't use it.  Don't link directly to it and steal my bandwidth.  Violaters have been, and will continue to be, reported to their ISPs for abuse.  -- 09/16/2005

Welcome to the far reaches, where snow, rock, and odd flying creatures (and sometimes just odd ones) abound.  Fanfiction, mostly, but also wine recipes, computer comments, links to Live Journals and who knows what else?  For the curious, this is the new home of Rhi, Dragon, tarshaan, Gyrfalcon, Joyce, and Emma Lea Marion.  Welcome to JiM Page, who's just moved in!

Dragon's Lair is up with wine-making info and martial arts forms, although he's muttering about redesigning some things in his copious spare time.  (Given that the man works full time, studies karate, and is a part-time college student, well....)

Gyrfalcon's Tower is up and busy with fanfic of all sorts.

JiM is moving in.  So far, we have Highlander, Stargate Atlantis, and other fandoms, including several stories new to her webiste.  Her X-Files fiction is coming in slowly; there's a lot of files!

Joyce's Corner has its own share of stories and is also in business.

Loch Shiel is lovely as ever and full of Highlander stories.

Rhiannon's Eyrie is up and running, with a small ton of fic.

tarsh's cave opened for business Sept. 2, 2005 -- go, enjoy!  She put up 7 new (to the site) stories, and 5 new (to the web) drabbles to start things off right.

Hopefully you'll find what you were looking for, and maybe even things you didn't know you wanted to see. Thank you for coming by!


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